1.  “ἄγγελος ἀπαράκλητος The Unsummoned Angel

2.  “Windsor” Words inspired by Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Prelude to the 49th Parallel 

3.  Symphony No 2 in F Austin Afternoons”, Second movement 



  • ἄγγελος ἀπαράκλητος The Unsummoned Angel Poem
  • ἄγγελος ἀπαράκλητος—  Modern Greek version of “The Unsummoned Angel” — Poem

  • Windsor” — “When will we ever meet again...” — Poem
  • Windsor Words with Rhythm

  • WindsorMusical inspiration for those verses: Prelude to the 49th Parallel,
    a work drawn by Ralph Vaughan Williams himself from his score for the movie 49th Parallel.
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  • Spiritual inspiration for those verses: Verse 6 of For All The Saints,
    specifically that verse’s closing stanza: “Sweet is the calm of paradise the blest”.
    (Vide:The Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, 1940; No. 126)
    The tune of this hymn, also written by Ralph Vaughan Williams, is considered by many musicians, church leaders and laity to be the greatest specimen of hymn-music written within the twentieth century.
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The poem's meaning:
“In expressing metaphorically that extreme hope common to so many cultures and religions, the verses may be seen as a quasi-hymnal expression of life as a journey—of work and the dreams fulfilled by duty, leading [across the World and] through the British country­side, ultimate­ly crossing the Thames to reach the willowed banks of Windsor, where in Park and on River, as it were Paradise, we shall reunite joyfully with the ones gone before. The meaning behind the words is brought truly to life by the music…”

The significance of this dedication to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother:
“The source of the music to which these lyrics have been written, Vaughan Williams’ score for the movie 49th Parallel, persists in bringing to mind the great danger in which Britain found itself King George VI and Queen Elizabeth 1939 Royal Tour of Canada.trimmedduring the early years of that movie’s subject-conflict. The primary dedication of the lyrics to the memory of the late Queen Mother is in recognition of the steadfast role that she played during World War II in keeping Britain resolute in the face of vicious Nazi attack. It was her calmness, cheerfulness and unflagging dedication to Family, King and Country that helped Britain survive until sufficient resources and reinforcements could, at last, start to flow from over here. Too few appreciate how horrible the world would be today if Britain — and Britain alone at that time — had not been able to withstand that terrible onslaught!”

NGU.NAE.icon If the United Kingdom had fallen, British America—the United States and Canada—would have been forced to face the near-insurmountable necessity of having to invade a completely Nazi-enslaved Europe from airfields in Iceland, Newfoundland and New England, over an Atlantic carpeted with prowling U-boats. Victory in the hostilities forced upon America by Hitler’s declaration of war on the United States could then have come only at so very much greater a cost in North American lives, effort and expenditure.


1. These poetic stanzas are released by their author (and copyright holder) for privateperformance or for public non-profit performance with attribution in all cases, and may be applied to other tunes or musical settings with their author’s agreement.

2. Note that the estate (its heirs or assigns) of Ralph Vaughan Williams retains all rights to this specific piece of music, so that any public performance of the music itself, whether or not these or any other words accompany it, must be done in accordance with the wishes and requirements of that right-retaining body.
The “rhythm” given within the pdf, linked above, was estimated aurally from the cited perfomance, also linked above. As this process did not reference any physical copy of the true musical score, it may contain errors in the effort, or possibly inspired by a specific conductor’s interpretations or the auditor’s estimation of them. The given, notated pitch and the document in which it appears are for informational purposes only: the note chosen has no known relationship with the score and must not be used, or assumed to be usable, for anything other than as informational exposition. Only the true score, obtained rightfully from its owners or designated agents, is proper for performance or study, and it is they or their assignees to whom all questions concerning the rights involved in any usage of the musical score or of its live performance must be directed.

3. The author wishes to express his great appreciation of the gracious communications relayed to him from The Palace, Clarence House, and Kensington Palace, and of the blessings conveyed to him from Lambeth Palace, in response to this work.



  • Symphony No 2 in F Austin Afternoons”, Second movement: mp3 file ℗ 2013.
    Adagio: Sehnsüchtig - nach verlorengegangener Liebe (With longing - for a love that got lost)
    [m4a version (℗ 2013) if the mp3 is not playable on your machine or from within your browser.]
    >>Note that because browser-embedded players start with their volumes set to maximum, you will need to reset yours before playing these to less than half the allowed span to keep the louder sections from being overwhelming, or potentially damaging to your speakers. (One wonders why the default is not the middle of that range, rather than the maximum...) So, if you listen to either of these within your browser, turn the player's volume down!

Texas.Outline.Star.Flag.xparent.IconA portrayal of the wide-open skies and the rolling hills of Central Texas, west of Austin, those hills of Llano County traversed so many times going with Karl to see Dee & Dick at the Lake House, and of an early-Summer afternoon playing with the Boxers, Cassie and Maggie Bug, in Sandy Creek as it runs from Enchanted Rock toward Lake LBJ, the piece highlights the couple of times that afternoon that we laughed (and chased after her) when Maggie Bug, texas lone star teddy bearjust a pup, ran after the cows that had come down to the creek to drink.
[Llano County, with Enchanted Rock, is geologically the oldest area, around which the rest of Texas accreted, arose or was deposited and is, therefore, truly the heart of Texas.]

OLcass07.webToward the end (around 6 minutes and 28 seconds into the piece), the first clarinet mimics (bolstered by the bassons and second horn at a lower pitch) our [at that time, 1-2 year-old niece] Amanda's sing-songing the names of the dogs: Maggie Bug, Maggie Bug, Cassie, Maggie Bug.
[In the picture, Maggie Bug is the fawn, and Cassie the white, Boxer.]

(The original version of this piece was written over the winter of 1992-3.)



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